The Harry E. Foster Charitable Foundation was established in Ontario in 1954 by the late Harry “Red” Foster and other private funding sources.



About Harry E. “Red” Foster

Harry “Red” Foster grew up in the family home on Oaklands Avenue in Toronto with his blind and developmentally disabled brother John (“Jackie”) during a time when people with developmental disabilities were closeted away from public view. Rather than send “Jackie” to an institution, the Fosters enveloped their most vulnerable member with love and a sense of inclusion in everyday affairs.

Jackie’s “specialness” and the segregation experienced by him and those with similar disabilities was not lost on his older brother. Red decided to become actively involved in creating awareness of the contributions those with developmental disabilities could make if given the opportunity. Mr. Foster established the Foundation in 1954 to help support the various organizations being formed on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.

Applications for Grant Funding

Registered Charitable organizations may submit grant funding requests to the Foundation for consideration by our semi-annual review deadlines (April 15 and October 1). Grants are largely made to charitable organizations in Ontario whose programs or projects benefit individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Grants typically range from approximately $2,000 to $30,000.