Donation Opportunity

If you share Harry E. Foster's vision and would like to contribute to The H.E. Foster Foundation either through a general donation or through an earmarked contribution, following are ways to do so:

* An outright gift of cash or cheque and a charitable donation tax receipt will be issued.

* A deferred donation such as a Bequest made through your will would result in a tax deduction on your estate's final income tax return.

* If you designate The H.E. Foster Foundation as owner and beneficiary of a new Life Insurance policy, you will receive tax receipts for the premiums on that policy. Paid up life insurance policies which name The H.E. Foster Foundation as beneficiary will result in tax benefits.

* An Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust, a special fund, is held in trust for your lifetime and you receive the income generated by it. The Harry E. Foster Foundation would be designated beneficiary of the capital.